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aligned & in flow

aligned and in flow: strengthening your inner compass for the next decade

about aligned + in flow

as i reflect on this past decade, i’m grateful to be leaving it with no regrets. i’ve followed every inkling i’ve had…won some, failed some, realized what no longer worked for me and picked up every lesson that each experience — no matter how painful — taught.

when i think on how i’ve gotten more clear, more aligned to my own truths and how i want to live my life, i know the hard work it’s taken for me to arrive here.

i’ve asked myself the tough questions throughout the years and have taken the paths that took longer as i became clear on how i want to feel on my way to manifesting any desire in my life.

i wanted to share the questions and statements that have guided me over the years with you.

the parts

the set of reflective prompts are broken down into four different parts:

part one: detaching your identity from the disappointments, mistakes and losses of the past

part two: tapping into your own greatness

part three: identifying your process and honoring your unique rhythm

part four: envisioning your future; see it, feel it, create it with intention

bonus audio: welcome intro + intention for this work by jasmine marie

the goal

my goal with this offering for whenever you personally feel a shift — is for you to do a deep dive on the things you need to shed, led go of and detach your identify from; get clear on your own personal definition of success and unique gifts; and to create a life that feels good along the way, not just when you reach the destination.

i hope this work blesses you and i look forward to seeing all that you step into in this new chapter!

aligned and in flow: strengthening your inner compass for the next decade


as most of my work with clients, groups and corporate sessions lately have been on navigating uncertainty and grief of some kind, tuning inward and reflecting on what matters most was what we’ve all been leaning on. i hope this offering —even through this uncertain and grief-filled chapter—will provide you with the tools to define what matters most to you. so you can operate confidently from that place.

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what our community says.

“Yesterday I had a chance to experience breathwork for the first time. I felt so many emotions as we did this energy work. Fear, grief, sadness, laughter, joy, comfort. I felt safe enough to open up about things that I tell my journal. 

kalyn c., writer

Afterwards I felt calm and ready to heal even more. I’m sure that I will be back to continue pouring into my growth

and my healing as a Black woman. it definitely made an impact that it was within a room full of Black women”

women of black girls breathing