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become one of 1 Million Black women pledging to take care of their mental health.

black girls breathing® provides a safe space for Black women and girls to actively manage their mental health and heal their trauma through breathwork and community. we’re providing free and accessible mental health resources to 1 Million Black women and girls by 2025.

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contact us at info@blackgirlsbreathing.com to learn more about becoming a corporate partner.

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the black girls breathing® foundation was created to support the charitable aspect of our work. be a part of our journey to provide free and accessible mental health care by making a tax deductible donation.

breathe <br />together.

breathe together.

since being founded in october 2018, black girls breathing® has centered the healing experience of Black women. we know that healing within a sisterhood can be even more powerful than feeling as if you need to heal alone, for you are not alone. being in community is therapeutic in and of itself sis, we need each other. join our movement and the thousands of other Black women committed to their healing and growth.

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begin your healing journey with breathwork.

breathwork is an active meditation that helps reframe the nervous system’s response to stress, anxiety, and the effects of trauma by activating the parasympathetic nervous system (the part of the nervous system that governs rest and digestion).

jasmine Marie leading a breathwork session


“Yesterday I had a chance to experience breathwork for the first time. I felt so many emotions as we did this energy work. Fear, grief, sadness, laughter, joy, comfort. I felt safe enough to open up about things that I tell my journal. Afterwards I felt calm and ready to heal even more. I’m sure that I will be back to continue pouring into my growth and my healing as a Black woman.”

kalyn c., writer

Jai Danielle

“I left the breathwork session feeling lighter and much better about the things that didn’t pan out for me in 2018, and clearer about my intentions for the new year. It felt good to release pent up energy that I didn’t even realize I’d been holding in my body.”

jai danielle, analyst

Cyan P.

"...I am so grateful to you for offering the 150 low-cost slots because this experience was my first ever doing breathwork and it definitely made an impact that it was within a room full of Black women doing it with me. having access to these sessions throughout the last year of my undergrad experience has helped me to feel a lot more secure and grounded within myself..."

cyan p.